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Kenneth "Doc" and Cheryl Dennis

Pastor Kenneth “Doc” Dennis is the Senior Pastor of Full Armor Fellowship, Decatur, TX.  A native of Amarillo, Texas; Pastor Dennis has served diligently in ministry since 1993. Pastor Dennis is committed to winning souls for Christ.  Bringing God’s divine Word in a dynamic way that all can understand, Pastor Dennis addresses matters important to salvation and provides practical application of the Word to our daily life happenings.  He is committed to developing spiritual leaders who carry out the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  His love for God and people has led him to found ministries within Full Armor Fellowship to reach a diverse people through the prison ministry, bike ministry and widow’s and children’s ministry, enabling him to minister to the incarcerated, homeless, outlaw bikers and those that struggle with addiction. As the Senior Pastor, he also loves to minister to new Christians and those seasoned in Christ; to prepare them for, to experience and adapt to spiritual, economic and social transformation in accordance to the Word of God.

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