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Pastor Joe Vrana

Pastor Joe and Sissy Vrana have served the Lord in jail and prison ministries for over 18 years. They faithfully hold monthly church services in two different Texas prison locations and Joe has a weekly jail ministry at the Denton County Jail.

Joe has not always followed the Lord, however. After 29 years of living life his way which led to an empty existence of drug and alcohol abuse, causing him to lose all that was near and dear to him, he finally gave up on himself and at the age of 29, gave his life to the Lord.

Sissy accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior at a very young age and the Lord has faithfully guided her through life. Joe and Sissy have been married for 23 years and have committed their lives to serving the Lord to the fullest. They consider it an honor to serve under Pastor Doc and Cheryl Dennis at Full Armor Fellowship and look forward to assisting them on a continuing basis in whatever capacity they can.

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