Prayer for Missed Opportunities

Father in the name of Jesus, we just come before you and we repent because sometimes we’re hard-headed, sometimes we’re fleshly, sometimes we’re not paying attention, sometimes we’re rebellious and sometimes we just miss you. We just come to you and say we’re sorry because we should live in such a way where we’re more aware of you and more clear but after we repent, which is right now, I’m asking that the next time you give me new opportunities and let some of these opportunities open up again may I be more ready. May I be more in a place where I can hear your voice and I’ll be ready to seize that opportunity when it comes God, I think I speak for everybody listening to me when I say we don’t want to miss you. So touch our hearts and open our minds in such a way that we are very aware when your opportunities are near and we seize the moment when you open a door in Jesus name, Amen! “