Prayer for Cleansing

“God, I ask right now in the name of Jesus for those that have been bitten by friends and have been betrayed by marriages that didn’t make it because of someone that didn’t keep their promise. People that have been bitten by those they depended on and the disappointments, failures and things that have happened to them, such as upbringing and homes they were raised in and deficiencies that they’ve experienced and abuses. I just ask God as you begin to take us into something that is very great, that those things do not go with us into our future. I believe the blood of Jesus doesn’t just forgive a sinner but it’s able to wash my heart and my mind and to cleanse my soul. I’m asking you to do it for my brothers and sisters. We stop right now, and we wash ourselves with the blood of Jesus and say God don’t even let me look like what I’ve been through. Don’t let the poison of the bite kill, I pray that for myself and for my brothers and sisters with me now in Jesus name, Amen!”