Prayer for a Shift

Father, I ask in Jesus name that you would take your people and move them. You said we are the head and not the tail. You said we are the lender not the borrower. You said we are above and not beneath; that takes movement. That takes a shift in position and some of those shifts in positions are ones that only God in heaven can make. So God there are many of us today that we’ve been in the place where we needed someone to look upon us favorably. I pray that we would now be moved to the people who are in decision-making power, the people who have an abundant of resources that we can look and bless other people. The ones where people can have favor with us and we will be the hand of God, the mouth of God, the feet of God to be able to turn around and bless them. I’m believing God that you are able to turn a 180 and move me from needing it to being it, hallelujah. So God as I pray for those today we’re grateful for what you’ve done but put us in the place where we can be the doer instead of needing it being done for us. I ask you because I believe you got the power to do it in Jesus name, Amen!”