Pastor's Prayer for You

Lord, I just ask right now that everybody at the sound of my voice, I ask that you would move in them and you would speak to them divinely from the inside out. I pray that they would find quiet time with you. I pray that they would create space and time with you where you could listen.

I pray that some of them like Elijah, when he would pray for rain after the drought, he just stuck his head between his knees or in other words he shut out all the other voices. There’s some people where there are too many things bombarding their ears, bombarding their head, too many opinions and I just ask that you give them that space, you give them that time where they can close out every voice but you. And hear the voice of the Holy Spirit on the inside of them saying this is the way, walk in it.

I just ask that confusion be bound and be stricken from their life in the name of Jesus. And I just pray that the anxiety that comes with not knowing would go and the fear that comes from not knowing will go. They would peacefully place their future in your hands knowing that if you are leading and guiding them, even though sometimes the steps might be difficult, they’re always doing the right thing and you always bring us to a place of peace and a place of victory. I pray for my brothers and sisters today and I declare confusion leaves and clarity comes to them today, in Jesus name Amen!