Pastor's Prayer for You

For those that are broken hearted and those that are weary: I just speak straight to you and I speak God is the healer of broken hearts.

For those today that are sick in their body: I thank you Lord that you are able to heal that dysfunctional part, that sick part and that part that doesn’t work right.

To those that are fearful of their future, for those that are facing decisions: I thank you that you have answers and you are the way, you are the truth and you are the life.

For those that are alone: I thank you that they are never alone. I thank you that they are never alone, that they are never lonely because you will never leave them nor forsake them. I pray that you would be so real to them right now and show them who you are and where you are.

To those who have broken places in their life with people and situations in their life that have left them broken: I thank you that you are the God that takes parts of our life that are broken and throws them back on the wheel. But you don’t throw us away, you spin the potters wheel and make us a greater vessel than the way we were before.

To those that are weary: renew our strength. To those discouraged: you are the lifter of our head.

I speak these promises of God over you today to bless your day, to bless your weekend and let these words go deep in your spirit that you can save them over and over in the area where you need God to move most. I love you and we care about you!