Pastor's Prayer for You

PRAYER I want to pray over this weekend that the blessing and peace of God and the things inside that people can’t give you and money can’t buy would abide in you on a more powerful level.

Father, I’m just asking now that everyone that will take the time to listen to and that they would receive the words in this prayer. And Lord I just ask right now that if there be any that are associated with me that are anxiety ridden, I just feel that in particular: sleeplessness, heartbroken, betrayal, never thought they would be here, never thought they would be dealing with this alone. All those things, which are feelings God, that makes us feel so isolated, sometimes so far away from you.

I ask now, that you would give in eternal witness of the Holy Spirit and let them know that they are not alone. And I pray that angels would accompany them in the room that they are in and minister to them. And I pray that you would renew their youth and renew their strength and let them know you will not let their life end in pieces and in fragments. But you will put them back together and restore everything that was taken.

I’m believing you for all those things to happen in their life in Jesus name, Amen!