Pastor's Prayer

Father, I pray today that you would renew their strength. You said if we would mount up with wings as eagles and we would wait on you that you would cause us to run and not grow weary and walk and not faint. And I thank you today God for those that say, “I can’t take another step and I can’t go another day” and those that have even said, “today I can’t do this, I don’t believe I’m up for this anymore”, and those who have thought about quitting. I thank you that this is a different day that it’s a day that strength comes from on high. We look to the hills of where our strength comes from and we know that our strength comes from the Lord. We’re strong in the Lord and in the power of his might and you said that you would not even just renew strength but you would renew youth. Bring it back to us, bring back what life and what stress has taken away and what the thief has taken and re-energize us for our tomorrow because you’ve got great plans for us and we want to live them out. I pray for my brothers and sisters and agree as soon as this amen is said something’s going to be infused into their system that say let’s go. God is bigger than this problem and we can scale this mountain, we believe together in Jesus name, Amen!