Generational Curses

JEREMIAH 32:18 “You show love to thousands but bring the punishment for the parents’ sins into the laps of their children after them. Great and mighty God, whose name is the LORD Almighty”

The curses that were passed down through your family can stop with you. If there is something that you’re dealing with and your parents or grandparents dealt with it too, it can stop with you! Be the person that doesn’t let a curse be passed down, stand between your past and future and say, NO MORE! Lord today I declare victory over my life and my future. Any curse, stronghold or bondage that is keeping me captive will no longer take hold of me. I decree in Jesus name that I am healed, I am free and my children are free of any curse. You are the Almighty and your power will take control of any hold that the enemy has over my family’s life. In Jesus name, Amen!

GO DEEPER Is there a generational curse that is lingering in your family? What can you do today to make sure it doesn’t get passed down?