Fighting Power!!


““Is that so?” retorted Pharaoh. “And who is the LORD? Why should I listen to him and let Israel go? I don’t know the LORD, and I will not let Israel go.””

God wants to fight the battles that get in the way of your purpose. A parking space, cell phone bill or disputed clearance items are not battles that are getting in the way of your purpose. God has given you the power and wisdom to deal with day-to-day issues so rest in the knowledge that God is getting ready to square up when the enemy gets in the way of your purpose.

The battle is yours Lord. I will trust that when the enemy tries to come at me you will be there to fight my battles. You did it for your people in the past and I know that you will do it for me. In Jesus Name, Amen!


Where do you get your power and wisdom to fight your day-to-day issues?

When was the last time the Lord fought your battles?