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Full Armor Fellowship's Biker Church Minister

Associate Pastor Bill "Moe" Moore

    Worship Pastor Bill "Moe" Moore was raised in church and was saved at age 16. Several years followed when he was in and out of serving God. Having always been around music, Moe got his fist guitar at age 12 and started playing the keyboard on his “Nanny’s” Hammond organ. By age 14 he was playing sock hops, parties, and other occasions and later in clubs, concerts and other outdoor venues. But he knew the Lord had a “calling” on him and in 1984, after many ups and downs in life, Jesus was finally able to draw Moe into Youth Ministry where he served for over 20 years. During the time he was involved in Youth Ministry, he was also used in Music Ministry. When he wasn't playing, he was producing & booking Christian Youth concerts throughout North Texas. Evangelism, preaching the Good News, along with music has been his focus since the Lord called him into ministry. In 1993, Moe suffered a massage stroke, but God’s healing virtue brought Moe back to perfect health with no residual effects. In November 1993, Moe married Renae and they have been a team ever since. They have 5 awesome kids, Jason, Bryan, Shelley, Jackson, and Alexis, all blessings from God. They were called to Full Armor Fellowship in 2012.

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